This modest little blog is going to be about a lot of things.

It will be about the big scary task of moving my my first novel, The Splendid Children, out into the world. But it will also be about the circuitous route that has me writing fiction in my 40s, and eventually the progress of my second novel, which may be titled Postmarked in Paris.

Because I cannot help myself, it will also, from time to time, be about the sound of my daughter laughing, the way my heart dances a little when my wife smiles at me, maybe even my cat who snores and purrs at the same time.  As a newspaper columnist, I took a lot of joy in finding the story and the magic in the clutter of everyday life. I’ll try to do a little of that here.

Poke through the posts as they trickle in. Comment and tell me where I’m right and wrong. Share what you like, and if you write too, tell me where to find it. The world works better when we know each other.

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